Clan Bio

What Stonetown Livin is all about

  • We are a 100% adult international war clan - 16+ members
  • Everyone in here respects every member - if you fail on doing that we will give you the knife with zero warnings
  • Accepting new members with any town hall level but NON RUSHED
  • Do not rush your Town Hall please - take time in maxing everything before upgrading 
  • Stay active, donate troops, chat, & participate in clan wars with us - dont be a hermit and hide
  • New members must donate before requesting troops of their own - we fuckin hate hoppers
  • Any Leader/Co-Leader determines who gets co & elder


  • We use the chat app DISCORD, ask us for the STL invite code
  • If you want to war - make sure your "opt-in" is selected
  • You don't have to war all the time - simply "opt-out" then
  • Always use both of your attacks in war
  • Never head into war with your hereos upgrading, lack of spells, or no castle troops
  • When in war - use war troops - ask us for help if needed
  • Don't attack much higher than your number unless we say so
  • Follow every single war plan that is sent out
  • If you aren't in war - don't ask "why am i not in this war" - it's because either we benched you or we like to cycle between members to have a shot in war to those that weren't in the previous war


No FB Yes FB Hand (smaller) Lap 40.063em Desk 64.063em Wall 90.063em